With Assently Point of Sale you’re able to sign contracts and other types of documents with the customer instantly in store on a touch screen.



Turnkey solution with no integration needed.

Collects useful statistics for follow-ups and improvements.

No expertise needed.

Fully functional on any device, smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

Retrieve Excel- or CSV-files about the contracts.

Includes a sharable digital archive.



With Assently’s Point of Sale, your customers are able to sign documents in store instantly on a touch screen device. If needed, the documents can be edited in store by your personel on any desktop. After a document is signed, a copy is distributed to both parties, one is archived digitally for your business, and the other is sent to your customer by email. In order to validate the identity of your customer, you can simply save a photo copy of their ID, or they can use their electronic-ID.



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