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E-sign contracts with customers in-store, using electronic ID, touch screen or SMS and eliminate unnecessary administration — simple and secure.

Sign digital contracts in your store using electronic signatures. Three reasons why:

Improved customer experience thanks to a seamless, professional and streamlined purchase process using
secure e-signatures.

Increase efficiency — eliminate time consuming administration and optimize your workflows. Focus on service!

Integrate our e-signing solution to fit all systems, Assently Point of Sales is adaptable to your systems.

Become 100 % paperless with e-signatures!

Customers rarely pay with cash today. We say, why use paper at all? Let your customers enjoy 100 % paperlessness, e-signing your contracts. As a Trust Service Provider, our services fall under the EU’s eIDAS legislation. All our e-signed documents are recognised globally. Assently is compliant with GDPR, and to ensure your own compliance when using our solutions we are certified in accordance with ISO 27001, the international standard for information security.

With Assently PoS, your customers are able to e-sign contracts in stores instantly on a touch screen device. When a document has been signed, a copy is distributed to both parties. One is archived digitally for your business, and the other copy is sent to your customer by email. In order to validate the identity of your customer, they can use their electronic ID.

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Electronically signed contracts are equally legally binding as if signed with pen and paper.

With Assently API you are able to integrate electronic signatures into your system and existing workflows.

Archive signed documents any way you wish. All documents can be verified post signing, even by the third party.

With your concerns in mind, all communications with our servers are encrypted. Security is a part of our DNA.

Assently’s servers are all located within the EU. Presently, they are in Sweden.

World class availability! We are here for you around the clock.

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