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Digitize your organization, automate important workflows, and increase security with our cloud based e-sign and e-identification solutions.

Assently E-Sign

Manage, send, verify and archive contracts via Assently Web Office or API.
Assently E-sign

Assently CoreID

Verify your customers’ identity, or offer log-in to your website or app with electronic-ID.
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Assently Point of Sale

Bring the power of e-signatures to your store.
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Assently LiveID

Secure incoming callers’ identity with Swedish BankID.
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In our internal handling we are saving 25 % of the time spent on sales and employment contracts.

Frida Jones

Business Developer
Thanks to Assently, we have digitized and automated the whole workflow for employment contracts.

Dennis Lundkvist

Business Developer Manager (ÅF)
Assently CoreID enables us to securely verify our users’ identity via electronic-IDs.

Mathilde Modiggård

To receive such apparent response from the customers in the stores show that we're on the right track.

Vesa Savolainen

Earlier we lost 10-15 % of our potential donors online, but Assently’s e-signing solution has eliminated that loss.

Anders Månsson

Web Manager

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