Assently LiveID

Identify your customers while talking to them on the phone, via BankID.

So simple and secure that the caller could just be in the same room.

Get started immediately, no integrations needed!

User-friendly service adapted to all different devices.

Adapt and secure your business in accordance with relevant regulations.

Assently LiveID

Be confident about customers identity during incoming calls.

Assently LiveID is the ideal solution to identify your customers during a phone call. Simply, the customer contacts you over the phone, whereupon the agent at your company starts Assently LiveID and enters the customer’s social security number. The customer is asked to initiate the BankID-application on their smartphone or laptop. The agent is instantly made aware whether the identification went through or not.
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We value yours and your customers safety

Assently LiveID eliminates the risk of you talking to the wrong person and makes your customer service more efficient.

The customer feels safe and confident that you securely take care of the person’s private information.

GDPR-saviour for your business, helps you on your way to get compliant.



Monthly subscription fee:

2.990 SEK

Incl. 10 users & 1 000 identifications/month


Monthly subscription fee:

990 SEK

Incl. max 3 users & 300 identifications/month

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