Assently LiveID

E-identification over the phone with Nordic eIDs

We have made it easy for you to improve security over the phone, throughout the
Nordic region

A simple and user-friendly service that works with eIDs throughout the Nordic region. Enter your customer’s e-mail, mobile phone number or Swedish personal identity number to initiate the identification process.  e-sign, esign, esignering, e-signering, Assently

Verify your customers’ identities with Swedish Mobile BankID or other Nordic eIDs. Get started today with LiveID as a plug-and-play service or integrate it in your system with our API.

Reduce the risk of unauthorized access to personal data and other data. Ensure compliance with GDPR and strong customer authentication.



How does LiveID work?

Ensure your customer´s identity with an electronic ID from the Nordic countries when they call your business. When a customer contacts your company, the administrator starts LiveID and can either enter the customer’s email, mobile phone number or Swedish personal identity number to initiate the identification process. If you have entered an e-mail or a mobile phone number the customer receives a link by email or SMS. This link will initiate the identification process on the customers device. If a Swedish personal identity number has been entered, this will initiate the identification in the customer’s BankID app on the customer’s mobile phone or tablet. The administrator is able to follow the identification in real-time in LiveID and will get instant information regarding whether the identification was completed or not.
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We value the safety of you and your customers

Assently LiveID eliminates the risk of you speaking to the wrong person and enhances your customer service more efficient.

The customer feels safe and confident that you handle their private information in a secure manner.

LiveID helps your business with secure handling and strong customer authentication. We ensure compliance with GDPR and the service is ISO 27001 certified, an international standard for information security.

Retain a log over identifications.