Assently LiveID

E-identification over the phone made easy.

Verify the identity of your customers with Swedish Mobile BankID when they call you.

We have made it easy for you to improve security over the phone

Verify your customers’ identities with Swedish Mobile BankID. Get started today, without any integrations.

Easy to use and user-friendly service. Enter the customer’s National ID Number and start the identification.

Ensure compliance with GDPR and strong customer authentication.

Assently LiveID

Ensure your customer’s identity using electronic ID, Swedish Mobile BankID, when they call your business. Assently is compliant with GDPR and ISO 27001 certified, an international standard for Information Security.

With Assently LiveID you can easily ensure the identity of your customers using Swedish Mobile BankID during a phone call. The customer contacts you over the phone and you start LiveID to enter the National ID Number of your customer. The customer starts BankID on their phone or tablet. You can follow the identification process in LiveID and gets information about the success of the identification.
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We value the safety of you and your customers

Assently LiveID eliminates the risk of you talking to the wrong person and makes your customer service more efficient.

The customer feels safe and confident that you handle their private information in a secure manner.

LiveID helps your business have a secure handling and strong customer authentication. Ensure compliance with GDPR.

Keep a log over the identifications.




319 € / month

Incl. 10 users & 1 000 identifications/month

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