Assently CoreID allows for authentication of your users with electronic ID, with security in focus.




Complete client with powerful API – super easy to get started!

Supports eID’s from multiple countries.

Focuses on information security, laws and related regulations.

Responsive design, works on all devices.

We maintain responsibility for infrastructure and updates.

Prepares your organization for upcoming regulations.



With Assently’s client CoreID, you can safely and easily provide a secure method of signing in and identifying your customers in no time. The client is easily modified based upon your specific needs and you choose which countries eID’s will be available. CoreID does of course work on all different devices – including mobile, tablet, or desktop!


Today, municipalities and agencies in Sweden has introduced electronic ID (eID) as a mean of validating the identity of their users. Secure identification has been the cornerstone of this decision, and during 2018 it will become legally mandatory for public services to accept foreign eID’s, you can read more about the legislation eIDAS here. We are currently expanding and can today offer eID solutions for all the nordic countries.


eID’s supported by Assently CoreID

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