Assently CoreID

Identification and log-in solution for your platforms with electronic-IDs.

Take the next step and provide electronic ID today

Offer identification with any of the Nordic electronic IDs.

Integrate on any platform and operating system with ease.

Get rid of time-consuming activities related to infrastructure, maintenance and upgrades.

Assently CoreID

Empower your online security and bring legitimacy to your customers with electronic ID.

With Assently’s identification service CoreID, you can easily secure your customers identity using electronic IDs. Assently CoreID is easily customized and configured based on your specific needs and you choose what countries’ eIDs will be available. Assently CoreID does, of course, work on any device – mobile, tablet, or desktop!
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Try Assently CoreID – from the end-user’s perspective.

Log-in using electronic-ID.

Available with e-identifications from all the Nordic countries.

Easily integrated using our javaScript.

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Supported electronic-IDs in Assently CoreID

We support eIDs from all Nordic countries.
Please let us know which one you would like us to add!







Assently CoreID

Base fee: 1.000 SEK

Additional fee for each country’s electronic-IDs

  • SE 1.990 SEK
  • DK 1.490 SEK
  • NO 1.490 SEK
  • FI 1.490 SEK

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