Web automation

Publish PDF forms directly on your web site that can be digitally signed. Web automation provides easy access and an enhanced customer experience.

There are several ways of integrating a form for e-signature directly on your company’s web site. You either use the turn-key web automation solution or build an API integration.


How does it work?

By uploading an existing PDF in Assently’s service – and activate web automation – a URL is generated, which you can publish on your web site. This short link leads to a web form that resembles an original PDF but can be filled, reviewed, and electronically signed and directly sent to your company’s web site.



  • A web form can be signed on any device (computer, mobile phone and tablet)
  • An opportunity to utilize validation and mandatory fields, which means that the form cannot be signed unless correctly completed.
  • All data is collected and in addition to the signed document, the information given can be exported to an Excel/CSV file for simple collation and further processing.
  • Create a dynamic web form that in a single or several steps collects the needed information. The major advantage with a form is that it can be adjusted in accordance with provided answers and thereby only pose relevant questions, which simplifies filling.
Do you wish to enact a search in internal or external data bases, such as credit rating or authorized signatory?

No problem. The information is transferred via Assently’s API to your company’s PDF fill-out form that in the subsequent step is presently already filled in for e-signing. The collected data and file can then through a file or API be transferred to your company’s system, which you take responsibility for.

Please contact us and we’ll be pleased to tell you more about how you and your company can benefit from web automation.

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