Three ways of using Assently CoreID

What is Assently CoreID?

The Assently CoreID Client is a javascript plugin that allows your users to securely authenticate with electronic identification (eID) without any of the hassle. The CoreID Client works in both your app and on your website. Assently CoreID supports eID’s in Norway, Denmark, Finland and Sweden.

1. Secure your current login

Are you asking your customers for username and password to sign in today? There are many reasons why you’d want to secure your login function further. Using electronic ID as a second factor (2FA) is a great way of instantly strengthening the security of your login function. If you’re organization is in a regulated sector, such as finance or health, it’s often a legal requirement to implement strong authentication methods such as eID.

2. Use electronic ID as login

You can replace your current login with CoreID to start accepting electronic ID as a secure way of logging in. You eliminate the hassle for your customers, with no username and password to keep track of. From your organisations point of view you also eliminate the risk of keeping a password database.

3. Secure your application

There are usually certain functions within an applications that is more sensitive than others. This can be views with access to personal data, payment settings, actions that cannot be reversed, etc. Besides making sure that the user who accesses these functions really want to perform the action they are accessing, you want to make sure that the user still is the one who initially logged in. This can be solved with time limited sessions and asking the user to authenticate again when they are performing such a function that requires elevated privileges.

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