Release notes

We continuously improve our solutions

2018-05-01 Release Notes
New function: now supporting deletion of cases

New function for adjusting automated deletion of documents. Improved Portal Brandning. Improved signing page....

2017-12-06 Release Notes
New support function in the Web Office

Improved process quality through stakeholder validation, before sending cases. Several minor UI improvements. Easier to get in touch with Support from within the web office, via Dropdown Menu. Improved fingerprint and QR code verification....

2017-11-30 Release Notes
New eID: Norwegian BankID and more

Full support for Norwegian Bank ID Identification/Signing in Assently E-Sign. SMS delivered in correct language for both verification (Case Access Control) and signing. If party language is specified it is chosen, otherwise case language is chosen. IE rela...

2017-11-24 Release Notes
Improvement in SAML and API

SAML improvements for sign in process. SAML security improvements. API Documentation and Receipt (Signed Document) further improved and further developed....

2017-11-19 Release Notes
Privacy compliance improvement

Privacy compliance feature for National ID in the receipt improved....

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