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Save time and sign contracts digitally

Do you as property owner devote undue time in administering contracts and receipts, collecting signatures from tenants and other paperwork that requires signatures? By digitalizing contracts and other document handling in property management, operations can be more efficient. Electronic signatures have the same legal validity as agreements on paper but offer all parties a smoother process.

We at Assently have thorough experience of digitalization in the property management business and have solutions for many of the challenges in signatures and contracts. We have therefore developed specific tools to simplify the administration of property. Book a demo to obtain examples of how we have assisted other real estate companies with log-in digitalization.


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Assently assists you by:

  • Simplifying log-in to property portals and queue management systems with BankID and other Nordic e-IDs.
  • Gaining a more efficient flow in transactions involving new property
  • Simplifying signatures and administration of board minutes and contracts

Digital solutions for the real estate business

  • E-signage of contracts and agreements, such as tenant contracts and outsourcing agreements – E-sign
  • Identifying callers over the phone or in a chat – LiveID
  • Secure log-in service (authentication through BankID, other Nordic e-IDs or Foreign eID through Sweden Connect – CoreID
  • Integration with other major systems, such as FAST2
  • Advanced electronic signature
  • Tools for building dynamic agreements

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Latest news

6 May, 2022 Assently LiveID Eng
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13 March, 2020 Okategoriserade
Our service availability during COVID-19

Assently is fully operational and staff is working remotely to ensure that our services are fully functional during COVID-19 pandemic

20 January, 2019 Release Notes
Some improvements and fixes

Fixed issues in Internet Explorer when signing with Swedish BankId. Improved role list so Archived roles are greyed out and cannot be selected when assigning roles to agents. Improved so Send button will be greyed out if no document is attached to the case...

20 December, 2018 Release Notes
Infrastructure changes, switch signing methods, and other improvements

Infrastructure changes for document handling Improved signing with Swedish BankId. Improved batch signing with Swedish Bankid. (10 at a time) Improved LiveId Authentication flow. Add option to switch signing method from touch signing. Add new permission fo...