Our service availability during COVID-19


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Due to the COVID-19 situation and its escalation



Our service availability during COVID-19

We have taken necessary measures to ensure the availability of all our services during the COVID-19 situation and its escalation. 

Our organisation is fully functional, as well as our delivery. We remain vigilant and follow our procedure set up as a part of our ISMS, which is a part of our ISO 27001 certification. By recommendations from Swedish authorities we have given all staff the option to work remotely and have verified that all systems to enable remote work are functioning. 

Our management team and other relevant staff have reviewed our Business Continuity Plan in case additional steps are needed. None of our measures taken will affect practical cooperation nor delivery to our customers, as our products are software solutions. We will of course monitor further developments in the overall situation, following any recommendations from authorities with immediate effect and have prepared for scenarios such as possible quarantines etc. 

We have appointed our CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) and our management team as responsible for any measures necessary in the future. This information will be updated weekly on our web page, through email and social media, during the weeks to come. 

Please contact us if any inquiries arise on 020-51 00 00, info@assently.com or via our chat on www.assently.com 


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