We have now initiated collaboration with Glofitech, which provides IT solutions for banks, financial services institutions and insurance companies. Together, we have developed a product to facilitate and automize you client onboarding process and other documentation in, for example, client advisory services. The customer can apply directly on your web site with an automatically integrated company registration number/personal identity number and BankID. The solution can also be supplemented with modules to ensure AML and KYC compliance processes.

This solution is highly appreciated by customers since it saves time both for the advisor and the back office but, above all, ensures that all data is correct.

We assist you with:

  • Quicker and more up-to-date onboarding of new customers
  • Digitalizing and automating contract flows and ancillary processes
  • Minimizing manual administration, which helps eliminate faults and reduces processing time
  • Ensures compliance with KYC and AML
  • Ensures increased loyalty and profitability of existing customers
  • Helps continuously develop security

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13 March, 2020 Okategoriserade
Our service availability during COVID-19

Assently is fully operational and staff is working remotely to ensure that our services are fully functional during COVID-19 pandemic

20 January, 2019 Release Notes
Some improvements and fixes

Fixed issues in Internet Explorer when signing with Swedish BankId. Improved role list so Archived roles are greyed out and cannot be selected when assigning roles to agents. Improved so Send button will be greyed out if no document is attached to the case...

20 December, 2018 Release Notes
Infrastructure changes, switch signing methods, and other improvements

Infrastructure changes for document handling Improved signing with Swedish BankId. Improved batch signing with Swedish Bankid. (10 at a time) Improved LiveId Authentication flow. Add option to switch signing method from touch signing. Add new permission fo...

20 November, 2018 Release Notes
Receipt naming from metadata and a receipt as attachment fix

New feature where receipt filename can be based from metadata. Fixes issue where stakeholders wasn’t getting the receipt attached if set to to do so...