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Assently LiveID Eng
Erik’s car rental


Assently E-sign Eng
Vattenfall benefits from digital signing

Vattenfall shorten lead times, saves money, and improves client experience by sending sales and HR agreements with Assently E-Sign.

Assently E-sign Eng
E-signing in HR

When the employment agreement has been signed it will automatically be distributed to the right function and people.

Assently E-sign Eng
Online sign-ups

SOS Barnbyar can let their new donors register on their website by filling out and electronically sign a digital form on any device.

Assently CoreID Eng
ID verification

GoodOnes can with the help of Assently CoreID offer a serious dating app where all users have confirmed their identity with electronic-ID.

Assently Point of sale Eng
E-sign in store

When a purchase is made in one of DNA stores, the store personnel generates the agreement in their register which is sent to a tablet in the store.