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Donors at SOS Barnbyar can complete the sign-up process online

A digital process for direct debit authorization results in more sign-ups

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No more unfinished forms

Previously SOS Barnbyar (SOS Children’s Villages) lost 10-15 % of all potential donors, solely because of handling sign-up forms analogously. The main problem was a lot of returned forms that weren’t completed, which created additional administration in manual processing. All these problems were eliminated with Assently E-Sign.

  • Web automation – signable forms directly on the web
  • Increased conversion
  • User-friendly interface to improve donors’ customer experience
  • Digital archive and exportable information

Our next step is to further develop our usage and let potential donors sign up ‘on-the go’ on a tablet with bankID.

Anders Månsson

Quicker and safer registration for new donors online

With Assently E-Sign, SOS Barnbyar can let their new donors register on their website by filling out and electronically sign a digital form on any device – desktop, mobile or tablet. The information in the signed contract can then be exported to an Excel or CSV file for further processing.

Increased number of donors with less effort

Since the registration process has become digital and automated, the administration which originally was needed by the handlers is no longer necessary. Additionally, the lead time is greatly decreased since there is no need to send out the forms to the new donors and wait for them to be returned correctly.

More cases

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Assently E-sign Eng
Vattenfall benefits from digital signing

Vattenfall shorten lead times, saves money, and improves client experience by sending sales and HR agreements with Assently E-Sign.

Assently E-sign Eng
E-signing in HR

When the employment agreement has been signed it will automatically be distributed to the right function and people.