Environmental Policy

Assently AB shall operate in compliance with applicable environmental regulations and be part of creating a sustainable society. We’re aware of global environmental issues and the company’s ability to impact this directly and indirectly.

We provide a service through which companies and organizations can seriously reduce their environmental impact. Shifting from paper to electronic contracts will bring huge environmental benefits. This is to be included in meetings with prospective clients. We actively take responsibility for our environmental impact and put it into practice by:

  • Actively prevent pollution.
  • Actively inform about and promote eco-friendly services.
  • Buy electricity from renewable sources, labeled with “Good Environmental Choice”, to our offices and servers.
  • Recycle office supplies and minimize the use of disposable items.
  • Strive for a reduced consumption of paper and other office supplies.
  • Take advantage of modern technology for distribution and communication, such as e-mail rather than mail, video conferencing instead of travel.
  • Whenever possible, choose vehicles that have minimal environmental impact , in connection with business trips.
  • Take into account the environmental impact of the procurement of goods and services and seek the most environmentally friendly option at every opportunity.
  • Try to use environmentally approved products to gain access to the most modern, environmentally friendly technology .
  • Only use eco-friendly vehicles in company car fleet.
  • Continuously work with information and training to both staff and customers.
  • Promote suggestions for improving the environment in daily operations.
  • Comply with applicable environmental legislation and other relevant standards and regulations, which can be attributed to environmental aspects.